CBD Products for a New Industry

Creating CBD Products for a New Generation

Creating New Brand for CBD Products


Thailand is opening the doors to the Hemp Industry. We will be there to combine a Unique Style into a Unique Brand

Financial Support

We are looking for financial support and will pursue Crowdfunding or interested people who would like to be part of our business to achieve amazing goals

CBD Products

Product range will be from Vapers all the way to Pet drops that all contain just enough beneficial CBD to make it a worthwhile business

Phases News, Updates and Offers

Thailand Hemp Farm and Backers

By RuneK | January 7, 2019

As we continue to get enquiries, we found that many people are asking for smaller investment amounts, which we fully understand the reason. The issue is not about making the Backer Slots smaller, but is keeping the Backer base smaller, which is set at 250 Backers if each only purchased 1 slot. Of course you…

Hemp can be lucrative, but there are drawbacks

By RuneK | January 1, 2019

The market for industrial hemp in Colorado is pretty much wide open, but there are some drawbacks to the crop. For one thing, the greatest potential for industrial hemp isn’t the fiber and fabric usage most people think of; in fact, the term “industrial” is somewhat misleading. The greatest market for hemp is to harvest…

CBD Extraction Equipment

By RuneK | December 30, 2018

The Extraction system processes up to 90 lbs of material per run with a 4 hour recovery time and as the plants are harvested on rotation, there should be a consistent return. Depending on the end products desired to be produced, the equipment, solvent and processes utilized vary substantially. Hydrocarbon (Butane, Propane and Pentane) solvent extraction is best…

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